Welcome to my blog!

I appreciate you coming out here and taking the time to read some of the stuff I have written. I’m a copywriter and photographer and there are just some times when the muse strikes and you really need to empty out your thoughts somewhere, otherwise they will bug you with their “you should’ve written that somewhere”. Also, as a creative there are just too many you see and have things to say and start conversations about.

In an attempt to be more proactive and get more writing (with my fair share of procrastination and headaches along the way I’m sure), I have decided to start this blog. This blog is meant to be creative outlet for me to express myself a little bit more. It’s an excuse to take more pictures, to get more writing, to hear feedback from all my readers. You see, I used to enjoy writing when I was younger, but I can confidently say that my writing has been whacked around a couple of times and kept me from pursuing it as something I enjoyed. I have worked through it, slowly regaining the willpower to start this blog. Before this I was keeping a notebook where I could scribble and jot down any random thoughts that I figured were worth keeping around somewhere.

Now, I don’t know what this project can turn into and I have no set expectations on anything, so here's a warning, expect to find my thoughts on pop culture, food, music, movies and fashion. Every now and then you might find a review on a new music video, album or movie (or maybe even a concert), my thoughts on a certain subject or a new eatery I might visit, and sometimes just ramblings written in a couple of minutes just to exercise the good ol’ writing muscle. Expect content in Spanish and English, plus everything in between (maybe even some French and Italian here and there).

Thank you for being here and I hope you enjoy some of my writing (heck, you might even hate it, who knows?) Anyways, I’m just excited to finally get started.